Waiting list for Apartments

A growing number of people are opting to live in apartments near the city these days. Apart from easy access to facilities, affordability and low maintenance living are top reasons why rental units are in demand.

Apartments are in high need; there is usually an endless waiting list for the apartments that are amazing, in a good location and are well kept. The towns having a large number of colleges has a high need for apartments for rent since the students mostly over-populate the town on the school sessions.

Latest research from realestate.com.au has confirmed that demand for apartments is on the rise and my gutter guy over at gutter repair Atlanta Ga is definitely investing in them. The findings showed that the number of tenants and sharers looking for an established or new apartment for rent has gone up to 39 percent from only seven percent in.

As the residential mortgage lending continues to decrease, the demand for apartments are increasing tremendously. The massive decline on mortgage approvals is one of the major factors regarding the huge demand for apartments.

The rental housing supply is not keeping up with the demand. Affordability is an subject that will be aggravated by Continue reading

Increased demand for Apartments

The ever increasing demand for apartments in doing has encouraged builders to launch more and more new projects. The supply and demand curves are growing simultaneously, and the buyers are enjoying a variety of options to choose from.

High-rise housing is now in vogue. The world is going through a rapid urbanization where the area of spare land is shrinking very fast, and the demand for apartments in the metros or other parts of the country is increasing steadily. The population is geometrically multiplying, and resources are reducing on per day basis. An account of these facts, the need of a shelter becomes the big problem for the people who are living in cities in different parts of the country. This emerging need of housing is leading to quite a crowd in various housing projects announced by public and private builders.

Owing to the shrinking land and shooting prices now owning a piece of acreage at our own has become only a wistful dream. In such scenario, apartment culture is taking its roots in metros and smaller cities where one can buy a flat in the available corpus. A friend of mine who was getting junk removed in Roswell Ga, is seeing this first hand with all the new developments in his area where his parents house used to be. Gripping such opportunities, real estate industry is coming up with many mega and mini housing complex projects and is helping millions to fulfill their dreams of owning a house. Real estate agencies are offering flats in various sizes and specifications to suit the pocket of divergent economic classes. People are now becoming more and more ready for such housing options which they were not considering a suitable home because of their rural thinking.

Moreover, such housing business is booming because of people, except an array of a middle class, having money they have different reasons to invest in such prospects. Good appreciation on the rate of the land and housing units assures good returns on investment.

The high rise apartment lifestyle is catching hold of imagination due to two main reasons: first, Continue reading

Apartment Deals

With this post about investing in multi family apartments, we will look at how to actually go about finding the apartments that can be for sale and how to put these deals together. Usually there is a person that is actively looking for apartments for sale and making the initial offers on the buildings. Then, they will typically will raise money through partnerships in order to have enough capital to purchase and repair the building after closing. There are several ways you can go about finding these deals, and just as many ways to put them together for the investor.

First, the person that is typically looking for the apartment gems out there is called the deal sponsor. Kind of a front end sales person or negotiator that interfaces directly with the seller or broker. The deal sponsor is the person responsible for making offer to the sellers of these buildings and acts as a facilitator to get the ball rolling. Once the offer is accepted by the seller of the building, which you will be dealing with either the owner direct, or the commercial broker of the owner, the work starts from there. We typically hire our guy who is a  mover Woodstock GA to clean all exteriors of our buildings. Although that is after purchase. At that point it is the deal sponsors responsibility to gather all of the financial documents of the building and make sure that it cash flows and performs well enough to purchase. If it doesn’t then the offer needs to be lowered to account for all that. There is a lot of work to be done on the front end of an apartment deal such as making the offer, negotiating the offer, ordering the inspection, checking the financials to make sure it works, and aligning the financing of the building.

After the offer is accepted and the financials seem to work out, then the deal sponsor will need to get in touch with a financier of Apartment buildings to get financing lined up. Typically this has already Continue reading

Apartments and Risk

In this first post about apartment buildings as investments, we will be exploring the myths that they are more risky than investing in single family houses. So, a lot of folks think that the smaller real estate investments such as houses or mobile homes are less risky than apartments which couldn’t be further from the truth.  What we want to do is debunk that myth here and discuss why it is or isn’t the most or less risky investment out there. You can either invest in apartments with your own cash, or you can raise money with partners in order to acquire the buildings.

Single family homes versus apartment buildings as investments:

With single family homes as an investment, you only have one unit that you can rent or lease out to a tenant or family. My friend over at Gwinnett Immigration Lawyer talks about this a lot. If that tenant decides to move or if they lose their job, then the home will go vacant with zero income coming in to offset the expense. That leaves you with a dead weight mortgage payment to pay for by yourself or your business. With an apartment complex or a small multi family building, the risk is spread out over the diverse set of tenants and units that you. have. To put it into perspective, if you lose 1 tenant in a 10 unit building, Continue reading